Big Data

Big Data

Big Data

One of the most important traits of the business intelligence is its dependence on the big data since the companies have big amount of data and they need to analyze these data to make their decisions in more intelligent and reliable way and this refers to the general concept of the business intelligence, for example: CRMs record tremendous amount of information about the clients such as their orders and the most important products they purchase, their interests, buying trends, imagine a big series of stores like Walmart has millions of clients’ information in its CRM system and cloud be useful if these data got analyzed to intelligent decisions, but big data requires big servers and storage units and very complicated computers to store these data and analyzing them and this requires data warehousing technology and data lake technology where the big data can be stored, if you want to implement the big data technology in your company don’t be worry our company is pioneer in the business intelligence based on the big data.


In the current organizational context, it is no longer enough to have technological tools that collect,
consolidate, analyze and ingrate data into the decision process. It is also necessary to have
technological resources that can boost them, perceive the business and know how to extract
information relevant to the development of the organization. Big Data analytics are currently a tool that
helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities.The systematic review approach allowed us to identify and synthesize the main benefits, challenges
and tools in Big Data

Benefits of Big Data Processing


Businesses can utilize outside intelligence while taking decisions.


Early identification of risk to the product/services.


Better operational efficiency.


Improved customer service