LEOPARD product on-prem and cloud bases project follow up tools will make your life easier
About product

on-prem and cloud bases project follow up tools will make your life easier

Do you have difficulties in measuring your staff’s EXACT performance?

Are you suffering from stretching your projects beyond cost and time?

Are you a project-based company with big projects portfolio, intensive staff, and scattered project managers?



How does Leopard work?

  • Integrating with an active-directory or HR system to cover all employees.

  • Inherit org-structure to define (Project Managers, Account Managers).

  • Define the project scope (Project card), including invoices (Payment plan).

  • Every employee has to check-in on his corresponding project(s).

  • Project Manager approves his project team check-in

  • Every project has particular predefined man-days

  • Employee check-in will consume from project man-days

  • Project manager’ approved man-days will be reflected in his project(s) performance




Early notification for any transaction that might cause a financial impact on the projects


Assuring that no deviation in project plan could take place


Finding out resource utilization in your organization


Early notification about due invoices


Can be fully integrated with HR system


Leaking projects

Follow-up, Audit, Control project profit & Loss and make best resource utilization easily with LEOPARD

Project Management Office

Overall PMO performance, Project managers performance, Utilization % for every employee


PMO evaluation, Cash flow, Collection, Sales performance, Show the trend of project types over the years, KPIs for projects, KPIs to monitor the late invoices and collection of invoices in the future. Track nonproject hours (Bench), Track missing timesheet for employees, Track open POC.


The collection follows up, KPIs to monitor late invoices, Analysis of all invoices, Analysis of a collection of invoices (cash flow).


Staff evaluation, PMO and Project managers evaluation, Sales evaluation, Recruitment forecasting