About product

Advance video analytics product using AI & ML

Are you sure about every violating car in your parking space will get recorded?

Auto-spot developed to fulfill to provide a holistic view of any parking area


As part of Master Works digital journey, we started video analytics practice, leveraging its track record in data, Artificial intelligence  & Machine Learning. Auto-spot is one of the “Computer vision” families, like Baseer.

Auto-spot is a video analytics product that converts video into data that can be manipulated and searched over time. With AI & ML, Auto-spot can learn the model to recognize any required object based on any criteria. A mature algorithm has been developed to reach an extremely high success rate built on top of cameras to identify the presence of vehicles on individual parking bays, technological evolution in order to meet the new urban digital requirement the images are acquired and immediately converted into data, applying algorithms on this data will allow auto-spot to figure out the full status of the whole parking area, including free parking, occupied parking, suspicious movement, and parking policies violation. many departments can utilize auto-spot to boost their daily work


Auto-spot dashboard and reporting


  • Online dashboard tailored for each department.

  • Online alarming (dashboard, SMS, and email), with the ability to be re-configured as per user need.

  • Historical dashboard for analysis and recognizes the patterns.

  • Full reporting features.

  • It can be integrated with any system using APIs.



Post event detections - search through object tracks quickly for new events without need for re-processing


Know which parking spots are occupied or vacant at any time


Detect vehicles occupying visitor spots for a long duration


Count vehicles entering and exiting the parking


Ensure the loading zones are not blocked


Can be on-prim, private cloud and public cloud


Watch speeding vehicles in driveways


Traffic violations detection


Prediction for the parking jam


Detecting any suspicious movement


Integrated dashboard with predefined KPIs


Search for vehicles of specific color

With Auto-spot, it is now possible to monitor and maintain control of parking spaces at all times

Operation department

Re-organize the parking space based on cars flow, dynamic pricing, occupation ratio, peak time, long-term period, increase parking spaces efficiency and increase revenue

Security department

suspicious movement, car stealing, violations, and car finding

Finance department

income reports, financial statement, and reconciliation