Surround HR

Optimize the workforce and workplace management

Surround HR helps the HR department to improve its processes, optimize the workforce and workplace management as well as to enhance the overall employee performance.

The purpose is to go from simple reporting to smarter use of analytics, enabling companies and managers to track and predict employees’ performance, make better-informed talent decisions, and have the opportunity to operate advanced workforce planning. It’s a dashboard that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the HR department for any organization or company.
Surround HR analytics that has21 dashboards with 100 KPIs

Surround HR Dashboards

Describe the Structure of the workforce (Gender, Age, Nationality …)

Compensation & Benefits
Focus on Employee benefit, bonus, basic salary …

Efficiency And Effectiveness
Reflect the result of the workforce according to specific objectives.

Focus on Employee Satisfaction to continue working and termination.

Training And Development
Describe the number of trainees and training programs offered by the company to increases the efficiency of the department.

Absence And Attendance
Describe the Absence and Attendance of Employee.