Follow-up, Audit, Control project profit & Loss and make best resource utilization easily with LEOPARD

Government agencies and private sectors in a big need to have a system to follow up the projects, work and productivity of human resources and the tasks that they carry out and record all work and times in order to obtain accurate assessments for each employee and determine the skills and competence of each person based on continuous assessments from direct managers and their supervisors. By defining all project information like a project timeline, delivery, minestrones, and invoices also define the employees.

With  LEOPARD by Master Works  in an easy way you can handle all of this with leopard predefined main dashboards starting with CEO, projects, invoices, project performance, project manager evaluation, sales, and timesheets dashboard Letus see LEOPARD dashboards

CEO Dashboard

  • Show the trend of project types over the years.
  • KPIs for projects.
  • KPIs to monitor the late invoices and collection of invoices in the future.
  • Track non-project hours (Bench).
  • Track missing timesheet for employees.
  • Track open POC.

Project’s Dashboard

  • Summary of the project’s status
  • Project card to track the status of a project
  • Project information
  • Man-days
  • Man-days issues
  • Invoice’s issues
  • Timesheet issues

Invoices Dashboard

  • KPIs to monitor late invoices
  • Analysis of all invoices.
  • Analysis of a collection of invoices (cash flow).

Project performance

  • KPIs to monitor man-days for projects and show an alert if something goes wrong.
  • Track all issues for projects.
  • Rank the best projects.