Master Works 2020 Innovation Award by Monshaat

  • 03 Jan 2021
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Master Works is honored to be awarded by Small & Medium Enterprises General Authority SMEA (Monshaat) for the 2020 innovation award 💡🏅in Saudi Arabia the appraisal was related to our Saudi patent solution in Artificial Intelligence
Baseer Platform, AI & Machine Learning..

As part of Master Works digital journey, we started video analytics practice, leveraging its track record in data, Artificial intelligence  & Machine Learning.Baseer is one of our “Computer vision” products, like Autospot

Video analytics product that converts video into data that can be manipulated and searched over time. With AI & ML, Auto-spot can learn the model to recognize any required object based on any criteria.
A mature algorithm has been developed to reach an extremely high success rate built on top of cameras to identify the presence and count of people in crowded places and determine if people able social distance.

Monitor Outside Terminal time stamping of connected /disconnect and end time for all events appear with Aircraft Stationary Journey such as (Sky Bridge, Tow Car, Luggage Car, Food Catering Truck, Luggage Bridge, Maintenance Car, Fuel Cable, and Fuel). Also, it identifies the Aircraft model and type.
Also, it is a Face Recognition app used to determine the age, gender, and emotion of people. Also, it could identify people’s names if it sort in the database or return unknow.